Basement Waterproofing Solutions


NoWaterDropWebWhatever your specific problem, Alternative Basement Solutions provides permanent solutions to all of your basement moisture issues.  From interior french drain systems to sub-surface drains, you can count on us to install the best solution for your basement moisture problems.


Crawl Space Solutions


Homes with crawl spaces become especially damp due to the moisture Whitecap_logo_on_product_250_x_176vapor rising up from the dirt.  This introduces many problems into your home including condensation, mold and wood rot, outside air and odors, and bugs, rodents and critters. Open vents allow energy-depleting outside air into the home.

WhiteCap crawl space vapor barriors make the crawl space a part of your home.  It prevents problems like rot, mold, bugs and destruction moisture from entering your home.  It seals out dampness from the earth and outside air, making your home drier, healthier and more energy efficent.

EZ Breathe Ventilation System


ezlogoAlternative Basement Solutions also offers the EZ Breathe ventilation system.  This system is an efficient choice for a healthy home.  It is maintenance free, easy to operate and energy efficient.  It is quiet and fits easily into any room of the house.

Call us today for more information on this efficient home ventilation system!